All About Awigna

The might, valor and childlike tales of lord Ganesha have a universal appeal to them. Awigna means: the remover of obstacles. Our namesake embodies the same values in a contemporary set up. Our work is auspicious to us and our aesthetics — almost fantastical — have the stronghold in our brand.

Awigna is an Indian label that aims to break out of the mold of cookie-cutter Indian wear. We endeavor to look at bridal clothing from a new lens, while weaving the desires of the new-age bride into each piece. Each ensemble is meticulously crafted at our studio after days of exploring what our customers truly want. All our pieces have the ability to give wings to lifelong dream of our clients.


So, what happens when you merge the art of tradition with the craft of modern design? That’s what we try to explore with each piece at our studio in Tarun Enclave New Delhi.

Each garment crafted by Awigna is a reminder to our roots; all our designs — lehengas, suits, saris, jumpsuits and dresses — are unapologetically Indian yet grounded in present-day practicalities.

Each piece — embroidered with our signature motifs and breathtaking fabrics — is a reminder to the unique aesthetics of the brand.

Starting this brand has proven to be a joy for us, as each collection has struck a chord with our customers. Each time we join hands with a new client, we hope that our garments bring the same sense of gaiety into the lives of the wearer as it does to us.