Awigna, celebrated for its impeccable interpretation of trend-driven indo-fusion fashion, stands as the visionary creation of Varsha and Rittu Agarwal.
Varsha, a distinguished graduate of Pearl Academy with a profound understanding of fashion styling, embarked on her journey by interning under a distinguished design house. It was during this transformative phase that the seed of passion for creating Awigna took root in her mind. Witnessing the captivating evolution of a design concept into a tangible garment ignited a fervor within her, making her realize that this was her true calling.
In 2017, Varsha, joined by her equally talented sister Rittu Agarwal, established their label. Despite Rittu's diverse educational background in commerce and her subsequent pursuit of Ilb, fashion consistently captivated her attention. This enduring passion became the driving force behind the inception of Awigna.
Initially showcasing their creations on an online multi-designer platform, Awigna quickly garnered a following due to its distinctive design aesthetics and impeccable craftsmanship. Recognising the demand for their unique creations, the Agarwal sisters decided to establish a physical presence with a flagship store in Shahpurjat. More recently, Awigna has acquired a private space at Carma in Mehrauli, elevating its retail footprint.
In addition to their flagship stores, Awigna has successfully positioned itself nationwide through various multi-designer stores, both online and offline. The label's name draws inspiration from a synonym of the Hindu god, Lord Ganesha, known as the remover of obstacles. This connection to faith, both in the divine and their brand, has empowered the Agarwal sisters to overcome challenges.
With a resolute belief in their brand and guided by divine inspiration, Awigna aspires to further expand its presence on a pan-India scale, reaching fashion enthusiasts across the country.

About the collection
Our latest collection, distinguished by its vibrant and solid festive hues, meticulously elevated with intricate hand details and embroidery. Every garment within this collection is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and enduring sophistication.
Entitled "Kiah," a name signifying new beginnings, this curated assortment goes beyond being a mere fusion of colors and designs. It metamorphoses into a celebration that encapsulates the essence of fresh starts and the joy of festive occasions. Each piece resonates with a profound significance, transforming the act of adorning oneself into a symbolic representation of embracing new beginnings and reviling in the spirit of festivity.

Merchandise categories
Contemporary Indian Wear both printed and solids - Anarkalis, Lehenga, Sarees , draped sarees, co-ord sets, Indo-fusion dhoti style silhouettes, cape styles

Industry experience
With a rich industry presence since 2017, Awigna has swiftly become a beloved choice among numerous Indian influencers. The brand has gained notable recognition and has been adorned by celebrities such as Rakul Preet, Nushrratt Bharuccha, Shamita Shetty, Hansika Motwani and many more, solidifying its status as a go-to fashion destination.